About San Antonio del Mar

Located 13 miles from the international border, our community is one the first and largest single-residence developments along the northern Baja coast where the spectacular sights and sounds of the Pacific Ocean are a familiar part of everyday living.

While our residents are primarily citizens of Mexico and the U.S., our community is a friendly mix of various other nationalities, working families with children, retired persons, and people who consider San Antonio their relaxing get-away and vacation destination.

San Antonio del Mar’s rustic cobble-stone streets, red-tile roofs, vibrantly colored houses, peaceful and verdant parks reveal a uniquely welcoming and exciting place to live. It is not only a place to relax and unwind; it is also a place to enjoy various outdoor activities. There are tennis courts, an ocean front swimming pool, and world-class golf courses near-by.

Of course, there is the always inviting beach for exhilarating jogging and swimming or the leisurely stroll.

With an electronic SENTRI border pass, San Diego and all its attractions are only half an hour away. And what is really unbelievable, all of it — maintenance, on-going beautification of common areas, and full-time security (with two gated entrances) is paid for by the homeowners through their voluntary financial contributions (currently, only $60.00 per month).

If this website or some other source of information has led you to consider living with us or merely visiting San Antonio del Mar, we greet you with a hearty “welcome”.

For our neighbors and fellow property-owners, we hope that this website will provide useful and helpful information. We also hope this website will promote appreciation and protection of San Antonio del Mar’s unique beauty and character, enhance security and strengthen the ties that make this a unique, multi-cultural community.

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